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Royal TRD is a niche medical devices distributor supplying medical devices to various governmental agencies and big wholesalers around the world.

With our network of factories we can supply the following certified items at very competitive prices:
3 ply masks
Medical grade 3 ply masks
3M respirators
KN95 respirators
N95 respirators
Medical gloves
PVC gloves
Nitrile gloves
Medical ventilators
Influenza vaccine
COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test
COVID-19 Vaccine(SINOPHARM,Sinovac,Kangtai)
And many Covid-19 related PPEs

Royal TRD Pte Ltd (Royal trading) was registered in the beautiful garden city of Singapore in 2018, registration number: 201818982r. As a developed capitalist country, Singapore is known as one of the "four little dragons of Asia". At the same time, with its geographical advantages, Singapore has become one of the important financial, service and shipping centers in Asia and has unique trade development resources.

During the first outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, the imperial commerce quickly intervened in the trade of medical materials, helping China government and enterprises to purchase the most critical personal protective equipment during the epidemic period from other countries in the world, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. With our timely efforts, we can create more protective measures and more rescue time for the Chinese government and people to fight and protect ourselves from the virus.

By March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic spread to the hitherto unknown scale worldwide. At the same time, it is clear that the interventions and tools adopted by China are working and the situation is under control. Surge in global demand for personal protective equipment in other countries. When the production lines of China's personal protective equipment suppliers resume full operation, Imperial Trading will transform our role into suppliers to other parts of the world and supply personal protective equipment and medical materials to other countries. Our products include disposable medical masks, kn95 masks, N95 masks, medical protective gloves, Ding Qing gloves, PVC gloves, respirators, temperature measurement and disinfection equipment, protective clothing, new crown test agent, influenza vaccine, new crown vaccine, etc.

With the rapid development of British emperor trade and large mask production plants in Jiangxi, Fujian, Yiwu and other places, through our bridge role, we provide high-quality and certified masks to Singapore, France, the United States, Brazil and many other countries.

In April 2020, Royal trading signed a sales agreement on personal protective equipment with Singapore government agencies, and the number of purchased masks exceeded 10 million. We are honored to assist government agencies to obtain the highest standards and strict requirements of personal protective equipment. This is a real proof that we can meet the requirements of the most demanding institutions.

In 2021, due to the continuous epidemic, we increased Rail business and oil business and reached long-term oil supply cooperation with three Russian enterprises: PJSC Gazprom., Lukoil and Rosneft. Yinghuang trade has reached oil sales cooperation with China Railway Hong Kong investment and Qingdao oil plants. At present, it mainly sells ESPO, en-590-10ppm and LCO.

Our company has rich logistics experience and contact, dealing with land, sea and air freight, including charter express.